Honoring CEOs who have earned admiration from their peeers and their communities

At a time when the image of CEO has  been tarnished by the ineptitude and illegalities of corporate leaders who helped bring the nation to its economic knees and launch the Great Recession, the effort to determine admirable CEOs and the qualities that guide that designation are perhaps more important than at any time in the history of the country.

And focusing on admirable CEO qualities is part of the key to restoring the respect for business that has eroded dramatically as well since the fall of 2008.

Thus there is no more appropriate time to launch an effort to focus on honoring the "Most Admired CEOs," and developing the characteristics that manifest themselves in respected CEOs.

We created the concept, and coined the designation, in summer of 2006, to assist Vistage International, the San Diego-based worldwide organization for CEOs, to put on events in various cities to honor an array of CEOs, including public and private companies and non-profits. Vistage became the first sponsor-partner of events in San Diego (in partnership with the San Diego Business Journal) and San Francisco (in partnership with the San Francisco Business Times).

Now The Integrity Institute, based in Seattle, is planning on using the Most Admired CEO designation on a series of regional events aimed at honoring the CEOs of each region’s public companies based on the ranking of their companies in a new Integrity Index that will be unveiled in the spring of 2011.

The probability is that the Best CEO designation will be bestowed at events at which CEOs of privately held companies, as well as non-profits, would also be honored.

For further information on the Integrity Index or The Integrity Institute, or if you have interest  in the events at which the top CEOs will be honored, please contact us at mike@emikeflynn.com.